Goodyear Retiree Connect has new functionality. While the former daily news site is longer in operation, this new format gives you access to tailored news and information direct from the source. No log-in is required.

We encourage you to visit the Corporate Newsroom at www.goodyear.com, where the most up-to-date company news can be found. Additional resources previously accessed via the former Daily News feed can still be accessed via the following hyperlinks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the former daily news site no longer in operation?

Website analytics studies for the six months ending in July 2013 showed significantly low visitor rates. Continued maintenance of the former site was not justified given its minimal usage and duplication of other Goodyear news and information sources. This new format allows you to connect to tailored news and information about Goodyear direct from the source.

Where can I keep up with company and investor news?

The latest company news can be found on Goodyear’s official newsroom, www.goodyear.com/media. This page provides updates on Goodyear’s business performance and activities, products, leadership appointments and more. It also links to the Investor Relations section of the website for detailed information about Goodyear’s financial results.

How can I follow the Goodyear blimp?

The Goodyear blimp has several online information points, including its own website, www.goodyearblimp.com. For an interactive experience, you can follow the Goodyear blimp on Facebook or Twitter.

I am a Goodyear Racing fan and want to keep up with NASCAR and other motorsports updates. Where can I find information?

Goodyear North America has a page dedicated to Goodyear Racing where you can find a racing newsfeed, get information about tire facts and learn about Goodyear’s racing heritage. Additionally, Goodyear Racing has a Twitter account, which you can follow for regular updates about the company’s NASCAR and NHRA activities.

For questions or comments, e-mail Global Communications.